About Me

DTS PICTUREMatilde (or Maddie as she is affectionally called) is first generation American-born & unapologetically of Mexican descent. She was born & raised in the rural part of the Central Valley (Fresno, CA). She is a graduate of California State University, Fresno State (B.S., Psychology & M.S., Counseling). Go Dogs!

Having extensive experience (of more than 10 years) working in the social service area, she is no stranger to serving/working with marginalized populations.

She currently works full time as a Bilingual Child & Adolescent Therapist for a non-profit agency that provides quality mental health interventions and supportive services to underserved, at-risk and/or violence-exposed children, adolescents and their families. The agency’s primary goal is to prevent child abuse and neglect, to ensure the well being of every child/youth, and to aid in building stronger, more resilient families.

Matilde has a passion for urban & international service work. Active in her community, her urban mission work includes serving in the poverty stricken, inner-city of Fresno, CA. Internationally she has been involved in a diverse range of missional organizations such as Students International and Youth With a Mission (YWAM). She is currently an active part of Child of Haiti, Inc., where she repeatedly serves in the country of Haiti.

In addition, she is an avid world traveler. Some of her favorite places tht she has visited include New York City, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, San Fransisco, and San Diego. Internationally includes Buenos Aires (Argentina), Antigua (Guatemala), & Guadalajara (Mexico).

Matilde González is a follower of Jesus.


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